Awful Annie’s Restaurant Reviews

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Love this place for breakfast/brunch. The country benedict is so ridiculously good. 
In all the many times that my wife and I have gone to this place, we have never once been disappointed.


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Awful Nice And Unexpected Treat

Sep 23, 2014 by Daryl S.

I must admit, I dont give reviews unless I'm blown away. Today proved to be one of those ocassions.

I work at Mercy General Hospital in East Sacramento and I had the unsolicited privilege to try your Biscuits with Country Gravy. Awful Good. Awful Tasty. Awful Delicious. Awful Unexpected. Awful NIce Treat.

I must say, with the utmost appreciation and gratitude, Thank you to my "server" Kayla K. from the Auburn location.
I am so impressed that I've contacted a group of my "foodie" friends and we're planning to visit your establishment very soon. Tell the staff to be prepared for a group of apprx. 12-18 first-timers.

Thanks again Kayla K. We'll see you soon!!!


Jun 20, 2014 by Mia MacKinnon

We stopped in Monday morning on the way to take the grand kids to Funderland for the day. The wait staff was very friendly. The food was delicious. I had the crab cake eggs benedict which was probably the most delicious breakfast I have ever enjoyed!

Best Sandwich

Mar 26, 2014 by Miah Zephier

My family and I went to "Awful Annie's" for brunch on a Sunday to celebrate my son's 25th birthday and our 11th Anniversary. We were lucky enough to meet "Jai" the owner. Who was sweet and charming just like her restaurant. I asked her the story behind the name and she was very happy to share the story. I love Auburn and the small town feel. I and my family are going to have lunch there today.

Jan 12, 2014 by Drusilla

Best breakfast in town! I ordered the artichoke omelet with potatoes/biscuit and a hot chocolate. This was my first time here since I'm new to the area. The omelet was perfectly done...smooth and fluffy. Underneath was a bounty of artichokes/mushrooms. The potatoes were seasoned well with the right balance of herbs and salt. The biscuit was delicious. I assume it was a buttermilk was moist!!! Most biscuits I've tried in other places were dry,dense, and overly salted...a memory of bisquick biscuits. Any avid biscuit lover should taste this biscuit. I was very impressed by the decor of the restaurant. It reminded me of times of Anne of Green Gables. I also purchased their cookbook...and I can't wait to make one of their recipes!

Dec 12, 2009 by Randall S

Arguably the best dining experience in this tiny little town. Place takes a page from the Bay Area with fresh, quality ingrediants, but at fair prices. Good quality food, great service, cool setting, this is 'da place for you.

Apr 06, 2009 by Patrick H.

I order the most random item on the menu; an apple sandwich... this was no ordinary sandwich. Stacked HIGH with apples... red and green, nuts and cream cheese; on a croissant. Awesome, awesome, awesome combo. Nice staff too!

Dec 03, 2008 by Karen S.

Great food and atmosphere, perfect for breakfast/brunch although they server lunch and dinner as well. The 'scrambles' are delicious, prices affordable. Service has always been quick and pleasant.

Nov 15, 2007 by BooRah

Awful Annie\'s has amazing sandwiches - very vegetarian friendly. Everything tastes fresh and healthy. Excellent veggie chili, too. Save room for dessert though! Try the bread pudding, you won\'t be disappointed.

Oct 10, 2007 by crbroder

Awful Annies in old town Auburn is my all time favorite place to eat lunch with friends or family. The place is decorated in a cute country home type setting and the food is very good. I suggest going early for lunch or come ready to wait, this place is very popular and for good reason!

Aug 18, 2007 by Cheryl S.

There is no need to be put off by the name of this restaurant. The food at Awful Annie's is not in the least bit "awful". It offers a wide selection of meal options at breakfast or lunch.

Awful Annie's is located at 490 G Street Highway 65 Lincoln, California 95648. The telephone number is (916) 645-9766. There is also a second chain located at 160 Sacramento Street Auburn, California 95603. The telephone number for this restaurant is (530) 888-9857.

My husband and I stopped by Awful Annie's restaurant recently for lunch. We had heard good reviews about it from a former acquaintance of ours and so decided to see for ourselves whether the food was as good as we had heard. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and led to a table for two. Our waitress arrived soon after that and brought us two glasses of water. She was friendly and courteous for the duration of our meal and did not intrude on our meal while we were eating.

I ordered a lemon, turkey and rice soup along with my turkey sandwich, while my husband ordered a sirloin burger and side salad. The soup and salad were brought out first. I was very impressed with my soup. The lemon flavour really lifted the taste of the soup and the carrots and celery were a good complement to the turkey. My one regret was that it only came in a very small bowl. My husband commented that his salad was very tasty. It came with several different ingredients, including "lots of greenery" as he put it.

When the main meal came out, we were surprised at how large the portions were. My husband's sirloin burger came on a wholemeal sesame seed bun and it was freshly cooked. My turkey sandwich was piled high with turkey, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and a generous amount of pesto mayonnaise. We were both impressed with our main meal options. We ended up eating just half of our meals, as the portions were too large to get through in one sitting.

Awful Annies , USA 4.8 5.0 13 13 I must admit, I dont give reviews unless I'm blown away. Today proved to be one of those ocassions. I work at Mercy General Hospital in East Sacramento and I had the unsolicite